COVID19 Solution

"With pandemic on a spree, HArbor facilitates single-roof digital healthcare platform to ensure a safe environment for patients & staff in the ‘new normal’ with HArbor network "

Cracking the Pandemic

Keep a close check on infection spread!


During public health emergency, ensure safe survey procedure for medical staff. A template-based format assists house to house survey workers to collect patient details in HArbor heal app and to transmit data to the HArbor database in a real-time mode. Make real-time survey less time-consuming and safe. Acquire detailed patient history, travel history, physical examination details on a single platform, which is accessible by doctors.


Monitor patients in quarantine without visiting the facility, track the containment/safe/restricted zones and be on standby for any emergencies. A contact-less care which access patients to register themselves using smart kiosks installed in a quarantine facility with inbuilt telemedicine features and to facilitate announcements or displayirelevant information on big screens.


Hassel-free appointment booking and alerting the authorities for a quick response! Available patient data from the survey assists health care provider to monitor patient’s health and record their vitals in the system for central monitoring. Hospital Kiosk installation for self-help check-ins, doctor appointment, billings, circulating relevant information and more.

Central Monitoring

Fight COVID with HArbor! Track possible clusters from different COVID zones and evaluates it under skilled doctors and trained hospital staff. Experience contactless healthcare delivery system for patients and hospital staff to control infection.