For Receptions & Administration


Stash away outpatient department (OPD) logbooks and experience excel-based master data upload feature with HArbor, for clinics, polyclinics & hospitals. Manage receptions, book appointments, create invoices, manage users. Digital reception for complete administration needs, making data super easy and accessible.

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Book Appointments

  • Manage Telemedicine appointments & in-person appointments separately
  • Chart telephonic & manual appointments
  • Reschedule appointments
  • Manage doctors shifts for a smooth and efficient workflow

Create Invoices

  • Online billing options for effortless billing counter management
  • Doctor chamber integration for indents of hospital services & investigations for quick and no-error billing.
  • Auto billing of compulsory services based on different patient categories.
  • Multiple receipt payments against the same bill and discounting features.

Manage OPDs

  • Configure hospital / clinic without any IT assistance
  • Quick patient registration to avoid long waiting rooms queues
  • Patient category & priority wise differentiation for better workplace management
  • Real-time automated queue display for no-fuss OPD management
  • Vital management system
  • Role-based management system
  • Diagnostic integration from the reception desk