For Clinicians & Doctors


Manage practice & engage patients better with HAbor! Artificially intelligent doctor application with advanced, easy-to-use clinical decision support with ICD - 10- CM 2020 and LOINC support

  • Tracks Practice
  • Customisable EMR
  • Telemedicine Service
  • Real Time Appointment Updates

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Zero Record Work

  • Tablets with a stylus for easy data input
  • Connect with receptionist and diagnostic centres to keep them updated with suggested tests and ancillary services
  • Maintain workflow data with customisable fields for easy record maintenance

Telemedicine Services

  • Virtual patient engagement with telemedicine features and approved appointments as per availability

Easy Appointments

  • Track number of patients in appointment queue and patients treated for the day from the KPIs in the dashboard
  • Dedicate time slots for in-person and telemedicine patients, manage work plans by making separate patient lists and segregate it according to days and shifts
  • Enables patients to book appointments for a doctor in only 2 clicks with a smart scheduler system
  • Leave management system directly integrated with appointment scheduler
  • Real-time automated queue display for no-fuss OPD management
  • Handle emergencies with real time ‘running shift pause feature’ and send alerts to all patients

Electronic Medical Record

  • Complete EHR solution with Treatment History, Personal Details, Examinations, Vitals, Investigations, Diagnosis - Provisional / Final, Treatment Plan sections.
  • ‘HOME CARE’ section for PHR integration keeping doctors in loop.

Business Growth Tracker

  • A one-look business performance section to provide an estimate of business progress and for personalizing inputs
  • Business intelligence reports to help the doctor focus on the existing issues with the business and to bring inpatient engagement from a different location