We take your privacy seriously and hence have added various measures in your system to ensure that your files and records are always safe with us.

Access Control

Authentication and authorization happen through the process called access control. Access control systems include:

  • Role-based access control, which assigns access based on organizational role and allows users access only to specific information
  • And mandatory access control, which allows a system administrator to strictly control access to all information
  • Backups & Recovery

    Harbor Platform’s entire dataset is automatically backed up every night on a disaster recovery server which also implements 100% storage & encryption algorithms


    HArbor platform effectively enhances data security by using an algorithm (called a cipher) and an encryption key to turn normal text into encrypted cipher text using SHA 512 algorithm.

    Data Masking

    HArbor platform hides data by obscuring letters and numbers with proxy characters. The data is still there, behind the masking. The software changes the data back to its original form only when an authorized user receives that data.

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