Automated Reception Desks


A unique touch friendly healthcare delivery system unraveling the world of possibilities with unique tools for self registration of patients, bill payments, creating public education campaigns, providing patient telemedicine and physical promotions for pharmaceuticals with digital marketing

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Contactless Healthcare Delivery

  • Avoid Intra hospital infections
  • Self-register feature for scheduling appointments for patients
  • Automated self help reception desks to avoid crowded waiting rooms
  • Display hospital information such as hospital layouts, location map and important announcements.

Make Payments

  • Online payments feature for safe, secure & reliable payments
  • Add a full estimate of treatment costs for different services provided by the facility for easy billing.
  • Automated billing system for speedy hospital processes
  • Patient’s can skip reception queues by paying bills online

Video Consultations

  • Save time with quick video consultations
  • Connect to the patients irrespective of their location.
  • 100% secure video calling feature