Urban Healthcare

A one-stop digital healthcare solution that doctor needs! A fully integrated out-patient management system with a robust & secure solution for urban healthcare facilities.

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Salient Features

Easy to Use

Maintain workflow data with template-based record maintenance. Cater personalized care to patients with doctor driven automatic appointment updates. Manage practice, track performance, enhance credibility & connect with patients remotely using a single application. Save time by staying in touch with other healthcare stakeholders (diagnostic centres, pharmacy and patient) on a single platform.

100% Data Security

HArbor assures data security to prevent data breaching in urban healthcare. The system converts normal text into encrypted cipher text using SHA 512 algorithm. This hides the patient data with proxy characters in case of any unauthorized access, making it impossible to access patient records without proper authorization.

Easy to Access Patient Records

HArbor retrieves and renders virtually all of patient records on HArbor Network on a device. Users can access these records anywhere with role-based access control. Easing the load on doctors, especially at OPD centres and diagnostic centres, doctors can now reach a patient account which is compiled from multiple data sources, with access authority - A streamlined user experience.

Say ‘NO’ to Waiting Rooms

Speed up medical consultations and reduce intra-hospital infections by eliminating unnecessary hospital visits. Speed up medical consultations and reduce intra-hospital infections with online appointment booking and dedicated time slots for In-person & Telemedicine patients. Automate the reception desk with digitally superior smart ‘touch’ based Kiosk and minimize the waiting room crowd effortlessly.

Template-based Healthcare system

Experience a template-based approach to support utilization of clinical practice guidelines within an electronic health record. With HArbor create and track patient & hospital facility data efficiently and access it with ease.

Telemedicine/Video conferencing

Overcome service barriers between patients & medical care provider, fragmentated care time between appointments and unavailability of doctors. With HArbor consult patients 24/7 for emergency and general appointments, manage administrative functions & peer meetings with HArbor telemedicine feature.